The Absolute Best Question You Could Ask Yourself Today

October 24, 2022

This is the absolute best question you could ask yourself if you want to start seeing progress on a more consistent basis, which is this, “What will you…” So, you would ask, “What will I actually commit to that will easily fit into my life versus what would I like to do that I should do?” 

Like, what would you actually do that you know, you could fit into your life versus in your head what it is that you think you should do? Draw that distinction. You will be able to reach a level of objectivity to say, “OK, like that's cool, I would love to do that, but it's just not working out.” Here's what I know I can do. Let me start there.

This creates discernment so you can start to instead of judging yourself, be able to realize, well, I'm actually doing progress, look what I'm doing. Look what I'm doing regularly, consistently, versus, getting stuck in the trap of thinking you can do more than you actually do, not doing it, then getting into the cycle of self-shame and judgment that you just don't need.

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