Butter in Coffee?

November 6, 2022

Yes, but....

Nutrition is full of caveats, and this is certainly one of them. A high-quality butter can be a good form of fat that will prolong the effect of your caffeine and help keep you fuller, longer, so that you can get the benefits from a food based intermittent fast....

You've just got to keep in mind that fat is very dense at 9 calories/gram (protein & carbs = 4 calories/gram) so you want to monitor how much fat you are taking in since fat calories come at greater expense.

Unless you're following a strict keto diet, I recommend keeping your overall fat intake in a range of 25%-35%. Before you add butter in your coffee, you want to become aware of how much fat you're already taking in. For example, you can easily double your overall fat intake for the day in one sitting by crushing a half bag of nuts -not at all hard to do.

There are different levels of fasting, but a lot of people feel like you should have no calories when fasting. I disagree.

I've found there to be a sweet spot where you get the benefits of fasting while ingesting the minimal - viable amount of calories. You get the energy you need without feeling the cost of digestion. The more you fast, the more you start to notice the increase in energy from fasting simply because you're not digesting as much. One often overlooked benefit of fasting is that it's an opportunity for your internal organs to take a much needed rest.

It's ironic because you'd think that you should be starving all day when fasting but the more you do fast, the more you start to feel energy an increase energy when fasting...the process of digestion takes a lot out of the body!

An extreme example on the other end of fasting would be overeating. Think about how you feel after eating a massive meal - how is your system supposed to process all that at once? ha it's no wonder why we feel lethargic, gassy and gross after overeating.

I digress. Back to butter in coffee. I use one teaspoon of KerryGold Butter along with two scoops of collagen. I'll have this along with a protein shake (1 scoop with water) after my morning workout and still count that as a fast.

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