Beware of Low Calorie Creamers

June 5, 2022

There are a lot of no / low sugar creamers out there where the calorie content seems what could be wrong?

The reason these creamers taste good yet have low/no sugar is due to artificial sweeteners that often do not show up on the label. Artificial sweeteners are foreign to the human body so there's a tendency for these to essentially sit around in your gut which isn't good for the body as is, but because it's in your system, it can also make you crave more of its kind which can lead you to eat sweeter/higher sugar foods.

So....what can I put in my coffee/tea?

  • Trader Joe’s Canned Coconut Milk OR Cream (other brands can work too but the only ingredient should be “Coconut.”*
  • GHEE (purified butter)*
  • Coconut oil*

*Use one serving of the suggested serving.

These may sound really strange but I HIGHLY encourage you to keep an open mind as not only do they enhance the flavor of the coffee/tea, they prolong the impact of the caffeine and provide additional energy + nutrient content.

If you are someone who gets freaked out by textures, pour your coffee/tea in a blender with the fat of your choice and blend! It's shockingly amazing!

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